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thank you

By Helen Drucker

MPsych Advanced Psychology 3rd Year

when i say thank you

i mean thank      you

i mean you saved my life

-less soul from floating out to sea


she sells seashells on the seashore

that’s what my grandma used to say

a tongue twister

but i know harder words to speak

the truth

even if your voice shakes

even if your tongue is tied

in knots

in my stomach

around my neck

but nobody wants to talk about that

meaning, spare me the details

we all have bad days

and i have learned the hard way

you wanted words with no meaning

meaning nothing to me

to you

or anyone else

and if you want to survive

you need to leave this behind

like my inner child

standing alone in the street

with glass cutting at her feet

and it hurts to move



over the irish sea

that’s what my grandma used to sing

as though no one can hear you

and no one can

hear me

meaning, they’re not listening either way

and how i long for connection

and i don’t mean the internet

i can’t believe i have to clarify that


the quality of transparency

and i can see right through you

are as deep as the ocean

and you’ve brought me back to shore

meaning, everything to me

to you:

thank you

and when i say thank you

i mean thank      you

i mean you saved my life

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