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By Abigail Purvis

BA English 1st Year

Ripe and ready, in their own way,

round, in their own way:

a bright variety sat in their baskets

on the shop floor.

This isn’t yellow enough.

No, not the skinny one!

This tomato's gone soft,

pick a bigger melon, love.


Fresh and pretty, in their own way,

delicate, in their own way:

an arrangement of squat bouquets

in the florist's window.

That's the wrong shade of pink.

No, look, the stem's all bent!

No weight to these petals,

pick one a bit perkier, love.


Fresh and ready, in their own way,

smooth, in their own way:

the bright arrangement of bodies

on social media.

She looks so pale in that dress,

her arms are like twigs!

Oh, I wish my bum looked like hers -

flat as a pancake. Haven't you heard of a push-up bra, love?

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